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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Yesterday morning Atticus and I woke to the snow! After breakfast I put him in his snow jacket and snow pants, pretty much made him look like the little brother from A Christmas Story. There was actually not all that much snow, but what there was he just ate before it all melted away later in the day. Sadly, the snow boots that I had gotten him a few weeks ago did not fit, and I NEEDED some, so Atticus and I headed off to Walmart to get some new snow gear, and we took Grandpa with us. I got him some new boots and gloves, and I was able to find me some water proof boots. We helped Grandpa rake up leaves then it was nap time. After nap we went over to Nobles house so daddy could play in the garage and the boys could play in the toy room. Nice fun winter day. I then got to have my new friend Lexi from my Soc class over last night. We watched some TV, pigged out, then watched Hot Tub Time Machine AND I got to ride in her PT Cruiser! It was a fun Saturday.

This morning Atticus and I walked down the street to this house that had a large tree cut down out front. The house looks abandoned, and I am sure no one minds, so I took some wood to start building Atticus' other Grandmas cat condo for her, she asked me to do it and that she'd pay me, but I think I am going to surprise her with it as a Christmas gift. I thought it would be fun to give it an old tree look, at least that is the plan. I think it will be a fun project I can work on next week since I don't have school. I can build and Atticus can run around in the garage. Anyways, I thought walking him down there in his stroller then loading the stroller with wood would be a good idea, I bent the damn thing up and now it doesn't work, haha. I am not sure why I didn't just use the truck. During his nap I went and got coffee with friends then we all went to lunch. The rest of the day will be some homework and hanging out with Atti, then movie/tv show night with the guys tonight. Atticus goes to his mom's for the day tomorrow and I am off to go buy the new Kanye West albummmmmmm and spend some time with my friend Lindsay who is getting into town tonight.

I am not sure what Atticus and I's plans are the rest of the week, other than I think Thanksgiving morning he goes with his mom and then I am not sure what our Thanksgiving plans are. I do have a cousin coming into town with a new little baby that I have not met, I am excited for that, and for Atti to meet her, his little 2nd cousin Sarah!

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