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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Peanut's Back!

Yesterday morning Atticus and I woke up to go welcome our friend who was out of town for a while back home! He had randomly gotten a flat tire on his drive to work so Owen and I went outside and put his spare tire on. Atticus waited inside his car and played around, ate fruit snacks. I opened the car door to check on Atticus and once that door was open, the smell came whaffing out. Oh my! Atticus had pooped and just stunk up poor Peanuts car. Lolz. I also found costumes in Peanuts trunk and felt the need to dress up as a Dinosaur and walk down the drive-thru. Atticus then had to go get his second flu mist shot at his doctors. It was very quick in and out, just a nasal spray shot into his nose pretty much. We came home and Atticus napped while I went off to math class. Grandma took Atti on a walk while I was gone and I guess he ended up running through wet cement, left his little foot prints in the sidewalk. Then went and visited his best friend Noble while they played. I then had a friend over to watch television shows I had recorded and we giggled all night.

Today Atticus and I first went to the post office as I had sold some clothing on eBay and we needed to ship them. I buy clothes on sales, certain places I know of, and member only invite sites, wear them for a few months, then at times sell the clothes for more than I bought them for. Now, eBay has this monthly charge rate that is killing me though. It use to be each posting would cost me at most 45 cents. Oh, well. So last night I did some online shopping and got Atti and I new shirts with the money from selling old clothes. After the post office we went to Starbucks for coffee and to meet Owen. From there Owen, Atticus and I went to Barnes and Noble as I had learned one of my favorite authors released a new book so I had to go get it, durr. After our book shopping Owen was jonesing the new McRib sandwich at McDonalds, new or brought back, whatever it is. Atticus made a best friend and they ran around in circles around the play area, it was very cute to see.

I am now at class while Toady boy is at home with Grandma and Grandpa. Probably napping by now. See what this weekend brings.

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