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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sunday Atticus and I were invited to go eat at McDonalds with some friends. His friend Noble, his friend Amberlynn and his new friends Max and his sister Raegan all met us there. It was a lot of fun, though I am tired of Mcdonalds now. I think that was our third time in a week eating there, which is like triple the amount of time we normally do.

My mom had been crocheting a blanket, booties, and a hat for Atticus' best friend Nobles little brother. Nobles little brother is due to be born mid December and his name is Eli. She has had it finished for a bit now and I finally took it over there Sunday to deliver the present. Nobles parents Sam and Cody loved the blanket and especially the little hat and booties.

Atti went to his mom-o's Monday morning and I hung out for a bit with him and her. It was nice to sit and chat with her and joke around and laugh and tell her stories of Atti and show her pics of him. I am glad that we get along so well and can basically remain friends. I was then off to class, well first much needed coffee as the previous night was movie night, then class. After class I went into my buddies work to apply for a job. I learned last week that my unemployment had ended so I decided I better start working, at least a little bit, part time maybe. Until then, thank god I have some savings, because I can not give up living this lavish lifestyle that Atticus and I are so accustomed to. We will see if this job works out, or if I actually get hired. I figured I can work weekends because my parents have weekends off, or he will be at his moms. Then I can work a Monday evening when he is at his moms and Friday evening because my father has Friday evenings off and can stay with him. The rest of the time I am not about to put him in a day care to work some lame job. I will just remain being a student for awhile.

Also, yesterday Atticus' new shirt came in the mail...

This morning when I went and picked Toad up I ended up sitting and having a cup of coffee with his mom while Atticus curled up and drank juice while watching toons. Atti and I eventually headed to go do grocery shopping then came home and I cooked lunch. I left him in the living room around the corner while I cooked our lunch. I walked in on him a few minutes later to him coloring with a pen he had found. Coloring all over the coffee table, coloring all over the couch. Surprisingly it came out of the couch but not the coffee table. Well today I have class, speaking of which I need to talk to my adviser and teacher about my math class. After class Atticus might go watch Despicable Me with his mom and I or maybe her just her.

Also, this Saturday we are doing the hardest, longest, most taking workout that me and any of my workout partners have done. We have been contemplating this workout for months, and I am sure it has been in the back of Codys head for years, but we finally committed to a time, this Saturday morning at 11am. I will write more about it later after it happens, and I am sure photos and videos will accompany that, but it should be a good hour or more of straight moving, straight lifting, straight endurance exercise with little to no breaks.

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