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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yesterday Atticus and I just stayed home during the morning. We had plans to watch the BSU football game here at home with my Aunt and Uncle. Atticus went to nap right before the game started and I left while he was napping to do a quick workout. He woke up about the exact time I got home so we both sat down and watched the game with the family. To both our disappointment it was supposed to be an exciting game but was not. After the game was over we went and met Atticus' friend Noble and some of my friends for coffee.

This morning I have homework pending over my head allllllll day. Atticus is about to go to nap and when he does I am going jogging in the rain. Later tonight is movie night, ya! Tomorrow morning Atticus goes to spend the day with his mom while I have class. I am not sure what Atticus and I have planned for this week, but we still need to make it to Monkey Business!

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