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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving continued.

I had a nice quiet Thanksgiving dinner with my mother and father. My sister and her boyfriend ate at his families house and Atticus was off with his mom. We eventually ended the night at my aunt and uncles house who live just down the street not too far, and my cousin, her husband, and her new baby were there! I had not met my little second cousin yet, Sarah. I guess she is not all that new, she is about six months old now. Atticus got dropped off over there with us and got to play with her for a bit and visit family before it was home for bed. I went downtown and met a group of friends and we all hung out and listened to some live music, and joked around exchanging stories. I had fun and was glad I bared the cold to go.

This morning I took Lindsay to the airport, so she could return to work in D.C. for a few weeks, though she will return soon, this time for a few months. After dropping her off Atticus and I ran some errands, napped, and headed to Nobles to play. He is now at his moms for the weekend, as for me, I am not exactly sure what my plans are.

I dressed Atticus up a little bit BSU today, and earlier, I put him in his new Crazy 8 sweater.

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