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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yesterday after class I went and met Atticus, his mom, and her mom at Walmart to pick him up. We all did a bit of shopping then we stopped inside Blimpe to have lunch. Atticus and I said our goodbyes and headed home to clean up the house and watch his new Elmo movie. We went down in the garage to do some wood work to build his Grandmas cat condo thing, though we did not get very far. We then went on to Nobles house so that they could play and so us boys could play in the garage. After leaving there we stopped at Walmart and he decided he needed to talk to everyone and say hello. That was fun.

This morning Atticus and I went and got coffee/chocolate milk, got him a haircut and then we went to our most favorite place in the world, Crazy 8! I got a sweet sweater for only $12, can't beat shopping in the kids section! It kind of matches one I got him a few weeks ago. Came home, and now I am at math class and he is playing on the computer with Grandma. Tonight after I put him down to bed I am off to my friend Abbie and Kimbers Victoria Secret Fashion show party. Black and white themed, I am excited to dress up.

Tomorrow morning Atticus is off to the Library with his Aunt Chelsi and cousin Peyton while I am off to class. After class I will meet up with them at his other Grandmas for awhile for lunch! I am not sure what our plans are after that, but Thursday morning I am dropping him back off with Chelsi because I have a job interview! My friend Ammobox helped me out getting the interview, because he is a manager there. It is at a call center that calls people to ask them surveys for places such as Health and Welfare and the Center for Disease Control. It is not a dream job, but the hours are ideal for my and Atticus' schedule.

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