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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well, I have just been working like crazy. I had training all day Wednesday and Thursday, then I had class all day Friday, then work again all day Saturday and Sunday. Sadly, I did not get to see Atticus much the end of last week because of work and then this weekend he is at his moms, so I be missing him like crazy but the ex-wife had him leave me a voice mail tonight while I was at work....hearing his little voice made me miss him even more. I go get him Tuesday morning, then all week we have each other, though I do have a few finals, ha? Think I am taking him into work Wednesday though for a Christmas party, melt everyones hearts.

I enjoy work though, easy job, and I have been able to read magazines, read books, and do homework while I work. Got to say whats up to all my friends; Ammo, Jake, Jessica, and Britini and have met a few other cool people. I think this job and the schedule will be just what I am looking for while I go to school the rest of my life, live with my parents forever, but fuck it, if I look fly and get to spend 247/365 with Atticus! Fun weekend though even working, Friendsgiving, dancing and.... Work Monday too.

Holding little Eli makes me wanna have a baby, another one, bad...

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