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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lots of calls tonight! Not normal. Ammo, the ex-wife, Bre. But work tomorrow so I need to say goodbye to my celly for 8 1/2 hours!

I posted tons of stuff on eBay, like a sweater, all my textbooks, and I am excited for those to sell!

Went to Starbucks and Atticus was super well behaved, Dani and Blair were loving playing with him and his cars. He hugged it out with Peanut, Owen and Abbie, and that was super cute. He was also dressed like he owned an art gallery in New York.

Went and took him to his mom-o's so I can do training tomorrow, and she made us lunch and I hung out with her for a bit and chatted, which was fun.

Crashed out nap time.

Workout and though it was an easy one, Owen and Cody kicked my butt.

The girls invited me out to Booze Clues tonight but I had to deny, because..."Sorry, gotta work in the morning!" (Haven't said that in almost two years...)

Uploaded a video from a few days, video of a friend and I having fun freestyling...

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