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Monday, December 6, 2010

Yesterday Atticus and I had our photoshoot with Jeanne Giltzow, and it went really well, she got some super cute photos, and for the most part Atticus was well behaved. After the photoshoot I had to go meet up with a group partner from class to work on a group project and Atticus stayed back with Grandpa.

This morning Atticus went to his Aunt Chelsi's to play with Peyton while I went to class. After class he crashed out and I had a bunch of stuff to do here around the house. We then went to the post office, went and met Jeanne at her work and came back home for an Elmos marathon like every other day, damn! Tomorrow is my nice 'laxed' day with him, then Wednesday he goes to his moms while I have training, Thursday he goes to Chelsi's again while I go to training again, then Friday I have class all day while he is staying back with Grandma and then this weekend is his weekend at his moms. While I start my first days of work, have Friendsgiving, Lindsay gets back, and Christmas shopping....

Also, Samantha sent me a picture of her brand new baby wearing the onesie that I made for her first born, Atticus' best friend, Noble. It says; 'I can't wait to grow up and dance at the Neurolux.'

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  1. OMG i remember that onesie! haha, i love it. i can't believe sam kept it ;)