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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Saturday after work I came home to a rambunctious little Atticus. Grandma and Grandpa said he had been good all day, but when I got home that changed. Anyways, we played. I then put him to bed and headed down to the Colorcube. A new venue/art studio put on by the band Spondee(which is an amazing local band. The lead singer blows me away, they remind me of Death Cab for Cutie.)Being in the venue, and with all the type of people in there, I felt like I was in a Urban Outfitters catalog shoot, or a JJJJound blog post in real life. Hipster central! Anyways, Saturday night the Dedicated Servers performed and I think it was one of their best shows yet, the crowd was really feeling it, and it was a total high energy night. Lindsay and I danced our faces off! Some of my new friends from work came, and everyone was just feeling it.

Also from the Dedicated Servers.....

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