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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Would life itself stay or follow me?"

Atticus went to his moms for the day Monday and I worked all day into the night. I got to sit next to someone I went to school with but never talked to her. We got to chat it while we worked, and I instantly regretted not being her friend back in high school. We chatted about our kids, and her new one on the way! Work is fun, I feel that I am starting to get in and know people, and starting to get to be close with the supervisors there and such.

Speaking of which I took Atticus in to work to do something really quick yesterday, and all the people in there just eat him up. And he loves it because he gets candy and toys, which, once again he did this time. He got to sit and watch the ants under Gerrys desk, and the sucker from 'Uncle' Jose also. Hahaha speaking of which when we left I said "Say bye to Ammobox" and Atticus; "Bye Box!" "Say bye to Gerry" and he told her bye. Then at this point everyone was quiet and watching us, I told him to tell Jose 'thanks for the sucker' and Atticus looked at Jose and said; "Thanks Sucker..." everyone roared with laughter, so we left(always leave on a high note).

Today Atti and I ran more errands. We were at Walmart, which was just packed. We were there getting two boxes of diapers, and just a few other things. In the past he has sat on the box of diapers inside the main part of the shopping cart, like the box is a high chair. Today we had two boxes, one against the back of the tall part of the shopping cart which he was sitting on and the other in front of the shopping cart, where the box is about as tall as the side of the shopping cart, the other box he was sitting his feet on. Well we were waiting in the checkout, we waited for a long time because of the obnoxious sales and people in there. Well I was reading my coupon, and next thing out of the corner of my eye I see Atticus rolling backwards out of the cart and landing on his head there on the tile floor. I let him cry on my shoulder while people went and got him a bag of ice and higher up people at Walmart came and pulled me aside and talked to me, had me fill out some paperwork. Said they would call me in a few days to see how he is doing. He kept crying, a good 5 to 10 minutes, right up until the point I asked him if he wanted to go home for chocolate milk, to where he instantly laughed, smiled and told me "Ya." I felt like shit, I knew I should not have let him sit in there, but he always asks to and sometimes puts up a fight. Well not anymore, from now on he is sitting in the proper part, with the seat belt on. I called his doctors office and spoke with a nurse in there, but they assured me based on what I told her, that I didn't have much to worry about. I needed to watch for a few things but he was acting normal, so all is well. He and I have since went and worked out, and I took him to the mall to play, and my friend came and met us, and gave him a sucker.

Things have been good, life is good. My friends step father is in town from Korea and he has his masters degree in nutrition and exercise or something, so he is getting me his masters thesis to read, and writing me up a daily/monthly meal plan to help with my fitness goals. I am stoked. Working out has been good lately. Reading some amazing books lately, trying to write a lot, more performed poems coming soon. I promise... Also, the iPhone comes out on Verizon next week, I think I am going to sell my BlackBerry Bold and gets me a 32 GB iPhone...MAYBE.

I am not sure how I forgot to post pic earlier...

Also, I have loved this song today. Loved....

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