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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monkey Business!

So today my friend Sardonna and I took Atticus to Monkey Business. We have been planning on it for awhile, but we finally made it today. Monkey Business is like a huge jungle gym, with inflatable slides and obstacle course and such. Anyways, it was good times, he ran non-stop.
There was this one huge slide that he just loved, even though he crashed every time at the end. I made a video, you can see below.
I think we are going to go back soon with Noble. I hope we do at least, because I want to play in all that stuff with Cody while his wife Sam watches our kids, ha!
Last night a lot of us went to go see our good friend Oleks stand-up comedy show at the Quarter Barrel, and man, he killed it. It was funny. I then went and had a fun ass night into all hours of the night with some new friends from work. That little boy did not want to sleep in this morning, so I was paying for it!
Yesterday, Atticus and I went to my school to get my school book. Notice how that was singular. Only one class this semester, I am SO stoked for that fact. Atticus and I later went to the Library that day too.
Decent amount of plans ahead for us two boys for the rest of the week and the weekend!

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