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Thursday, January 13, 2011

So little Rhyannon Kay Kemp was born this morning, 6lbs 1oz 18" long. My sisters baby, making me an uncle again but for the first time on our side of the family, and making Atticus a cousin for the second time, but for the first time on our side. She is super cute, so little.
When Atticus and I walked into the hospital room tonight to go see her, Atticus saw my sister all pale and in a different setting than he is use to, and he immediately turned around and walked out. I think seeing her sitting in a hospital bed scared him a bit. He then did not realize that Courtney was holding a baby until I pointed it out and asked him 'Did you see the baby?' to his reply; 'Is that a monkey? Is that monkey sleeping?'

Today I woke up feeling hungover. Which sucks alone in its self, but sucks even more with the realization that you feel hung over when you haven't drank in years. Throwing up and a head like fucking prison with everyone trying to break free though my forehead at once. Blah. Thankfully with the whole process of my sister having a baby my mom had the day off and was home for part of it to entertain Atticus because I felt like not moving. I eventually felt better and Atticus and I went and ran some errands and then went and saw Courtney and Rhyannon.

I sold a bunch of stuff eBay style so I have been shopping tonight, bought some protein powder, 10 pounds of it(!), hats, and books! Then tomorrow Atticus and I have tons of running around!

hahah Atticus and I went into Fred Meyer Jewelers earlier to size my watch, the same people would were too scared to size my wooden watch, and I showed her my newest watch and she turned me down, told me their policies do not allow them to size Rolexs. ha!

I also set up all my toys tonight which I have failed to do for months now...

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