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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yesterday Atti and I ran errands like crazy, Crazy 8 shopping spree included, then he crashed out for a huge nap! Healthy food grocery shopping, then he went to bed. I took off to my friend Chelseas play, Cash on Delivery which was just amazing! I have never seen a play before, and I am so glad I went. My good friends Nut, Owen, and Malori all came too. Chelsea did a great job, and I think all the actors/actresses played their characters so well, the play was cast so well. Then Chelsea took Peanut and I backstage to see how its all done, and we got to meet everyone involved. One of the actresses looked Peanut and I up and down, then said; 'You two look like you are from another metropolis.' haha that made my night.
Before work this morning my 10 lbs of protein mix came, haha! I worked all day while Atti stayed with Grandma, Grandpa, Chad, NeNe and baby Rhyannon! Then we went to our good friends Sam and Codys for workout and paleo pizza dinner party and Atti got to play with his bestie Noble.
Atti is going to his moms tomorrow for his sisters birthday party, so we got her a gift at the store when we were shopping, we also made a birthday card. Happy Birthday Madeline, getting big, miss you.

House party tonight?

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