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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Atticus went to his moms house Sunday for his sisters birthday, she turned four! Supposedly she loved the musical toy Atti and I got her, hehe. He stayed over there Monday and I went to work, but I started my morning off Monday by doing 100 burpees in a row, with a twenty pound vest on. Then I did 25 man makers with a forty five pound dumbell in each arm. The weather was great that morning, and I went to work early and worked all through the day. After work a few of us went to see one of our co-worker/friend perform in his one man band at Penguillys downtown. He was really good, and we enjoyed his music. I had fun hanging out with new people from work.

Tuesday morning I went and picked him up and we did some grocery shopping, laundry, such chores. I then had to go to my math class that night.

My math teacher is an Asian guy with a heavy accent. He is very smart at math, and talks and writes very fast. His hand writing is also terrible. He is also very hard to understand. "Fo ect plut fi" is what we would say as 4x+5. Negative become 'nective' and so on. I am scared. Peanut is entertained. Anyways after class Owen and Ammo and I went to a coworkers house and we played Kinect on Xbox into all hours of the night and had a fun ass night, haha.

Yesterday my cousin and her new baby Aero, my other cousin and her two boys Caleb and Bennett, and my Aunt came over to see baby Rhyannon. It was a full house of wee ones, it was fun, Atticus played hard and did not want anyone to leave. We then went to Codys so I could work out and he played with his bestie Noble.

Oh and last night, full moon, weird things do happy errr happen. Mrs Happen. Song reminder....

This morning Atticus woke up sickly. :( He has thrown up twice, not been himself laying there quietly. He is sleeping now and I hope he feels better when he awakes. We were thinking about going to pick up his mom-o today and getting him a haircut and lunch with her and his grandma on her side but no go now. We did have a play date/dinner tonight with his bestie and his mom but we will see.

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