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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Browsing eBay, I want to sell some shoes to get these..... pics below. Click them for the eBay posting...

My friend Owen showed me a blog where they mash Kanye West lyrics with comics. It is my new favorite thing. I can not wait to go to Kinkos tomorrow and print some off, make posters and decorate my room. Break copyright laws and such. Here is the blog though.... Kanye + Comics.

Also, Malice, of the Clipse, has a book that you can pre-order, and it gets shipped out sometime February. I got mine. Get yours. My Amy Hempel collected stories book came, damn so good. Excited for my other books to come.

Anyways, Atticus is at his moms for the weekend and I miss him. I work all day tomorrow so I go get him Tuesday morning. I am not sure what plans the two of us have next week. Haircut for him, maybe Discovery Center because I got two passes, maybe go to the mall to play with his bestie.

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