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Saturday, January 1, 2011

One, one, one one.

The day after Christmas Atticus went to his moms for two days, and I went into work and put in extra hours those two days. I also went out and had a super late night with a good friend Adam Dixon and some other people. I also went to Flying Pie because it was my day to make my own pizza for free! They took a horrible picture of me too haha!

I went and picked Atticus up Tuesday morning and we went to Starbucks to wish our good friend Adam Dixon a safe trip back to California.

Wednesday I worked till three and he stayed back with Grandma. Afterwords I took him to the mall to shop around but we ended up playing in the new play area there with his cousin Peyton, and his Aunt Chelsi kept me entertained with funny stories.

I went to see a break dancing competition with some friends that night, then went downtown with some others that I had not seen in a LONG while.

Thursday I worked again till three and he stayed back with Grandma, then that night I went and saw the Dedicated Servers perform again at the Reef, then a few of us went around downtown for Jesses birthday.

Friday my work had a company wide meeting downtown, so Toady stayed with Grandma again. After the meeting a few of us walked to Gandolfos for lunch, which was delicious by the way, and lots of fun.

It had been a long busy week, to the point were I crashed out on the couch one day with Atticus coloring next to me and of course he took advantage of that, and colored all over his face.

Last night for NYE I had heard of a few parties and was going to go, but in the end I was tired, and just decided to have a calm night with friends, and head home to bed minutes into the New Year. Today is the first Saturday in the past few weeks, and the first Saturday for the next long while that I do not have to work. So I am going to spend it relaxing home with Atticus, maybe go workout since I have not in what feels like weeks.

Tomorrow I am back to the grind all day, same with Monday, and Monday Atti goes back to his moms for an over night. I go get him on Tuesday and then I have all week off! And next week I think we are going to FINALLY make it to Monkey Business.

So anyways, it is a new year. This last year had its ups and downs, and a lot of changes in my and Atticus' lives. I have learned a lot, realized a lot. I have learned how grateful I am for people in my life. I had a lot of fun night this last year, and at times some very sad ones. I have met so many new friends and people. I have seen Atticus grow so much, seen him able to communicate so much more in this last year, seen him gain the ability to walk, seen him poop on his potty. I have seen and realized over this past year how much he means to my family and me, and how much he truly keeps me together and how much I need him constantly in my life. I have realized how much of an important issue he is when meeting new people or 'step moms' in his life. I have gained a new hobby of physical exercise in the past year and seen my mood and physique change in so many ways because of it, I have gotten a job that I so far enjoy! The excitement of new things and a new year, and the excitement of new things starting makes me smile. I wonder what the year will bring for Atticus and I.

Also, a picture of my new slippers that my Grandmother made for me that I got for Christmas!

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