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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

He has since crashed out for nap, so I figured I would upload all the pictures. Everyone asked me to take a lot so I did.

Anyways, last night he went to bed with the living room normal how it always is, then my dad and I set up the Christmas tree while Grandma decorated it. Grandpa and I then put together Atticus' 4-Wheeler Power Wheels thing.

This morning he came out and was first embarrassed or shy I think, because usually it is just him and I in the morning and he sits with milk and watches cartoons. Well this morning he ran out to the new tree, the presents, and Grandma, Grandpa, NeNe and Chad all sitting around looking at him.

First he pulled the wrapping off his 4-wheeler and was bit hesitant to get on. Eventually I set him and it and as soon and I did his foot hit the gas and he almost flipped off the back! It was pretty funny for us, but he has since been intimidated by it. He finally got to the point where he will drive it until he crashes into something, then just jumps off and abandons it even though it has a reverse.

All in all it was a nice Christmas for Atticus and I with my parents, my sister Courtney and her boyfriend Chad. After presents Grandma cooked us all a big breakfast so we could all sit around and eat.

He has since gone back and forth from playing with all his toys, coloring, watching his new Sesame Street movie and showing off his new slippers that my moms mom made for him. Then nap with his Tickle-Me Elmo and his Ernie doll and flying monkey.

I also took a video of Atticus riding his 4-wheeler where he crashes it in the Christmas tree.

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