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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Life is good. Bought a grip of new books, because I sold one. Bought a bunch of clothes, because I sold some, got a new tee on the way for Atticus that I am super excited about, lolz. Haha he looked super cool in his Johnny Cupcakes tee today, and Air Max 90's on our play date with Peyton, Parker and Caitlin. The three boys played well, shared all the cars they brought in, and shared water. Atticus was very shy and nervous around them though, but on the way home he told me "Pok-Or let me play with cars." Caitlin showed up looking gorgeous and stylish which I decided is her M.O.

Tuesday I worked extra required hours in the am, then went and got Atticus. We both crashed out for nap, then I had to go to class, and he stayed back with Grandma. Wednesday we had story time at the library, then we went and got his social security card all set up. After nap we headed to Nobles for playing/working out. Today we went and worked out with Cody, Atticus had all of Nobles toys to himself. Food, food, food, then our play date that I mentioned. After we came home, we played some Excite Truck on the Wii till someone randomly turned off the Wii in the middle of the game.

Tomorrow holds the possibility of a playdate Tatum and Paige, but whatever happens I have to work. Excited for Valentines day, and not just because I get paid. Also, excited for my iPhone. Excited for Monkey Business with Noble next week!

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