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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have been reading a lot. Atticus and I went to a book sale that Hastings is having, earlier this week. Five used books for $25. I let Atticus pick out two books and I got three books. I have been reading tons of Etgar Keret books, my friend recommended that I read his book The Nimrod Flipout, and I've since been hooked. Then I learned there was a clay animation movie made that is based on his short stories, titled $9.99. I watched it Valentines day night, it was pretty damn good. Below I will post a scene that is not technically from the movie but one that someone made, also originally a short story by Etgar.

My book Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked came, written by one half of one of my favorite hip hop duo, Clipse. It is an enjoying read. Also, when it came, IT WAS SIGNED BY HIM, BY MALICE!

I went ahead and bought all of Etgar Ketet books, waiting for them to come in the mail.

I have been selling clothes of Atticus and mine and buying new ones for us, fresh to death we'll be!

Today I went and picked up some old school photo albums from Savers to start putting photos in for and of Atticus. I always kept this blog that you're reading as something I figured he would enjoy looking at when he was old enough, things to look back on, and to see what him and I did when he was little. My friend Paige made me realize that physical photos are so meaningful, so real, so I decided now that I am going to keep some of the best photos of him from every month and print them off, put them in ugly photo albums from thrift stores.

Speaking of Paige, she invited Atticus and I to the new library on U-Stick for story time this week, so we went and hung out with her and her daughter Tatum. I will post some pictures below that Paige took of the wee ones.

Also this week I set up what is called a 529 account. It is something that every state has, and Idaho is one of the few ones that you can do without having to do it through a brokerage firm. I learned about it because I contacted a firm through Atticus' bank, Wells Fargo, and was led to this. Basically it is a program that helps you invest money for a beneficiary that can only be used at age 18 for schooling. They help you invest the money in high risk, medium risk, or conservative risk ventures, and keep the money consolidated in an account that can be pulled out and used to pay for school at age 18. If schooling is not needed, or it is already paid for, the money can stay invested and can be withdrawn down the road and used for anything. Currently I am having $30 a month getting deposited into that, and I also plan to put my a majority of my tax return into that.

Also, my Kanye West x Comics 8x10's came, I framed them and put them on my book shelf.

I have been lame with updating, just busy with life.

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