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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do you know what tomorrow is?

I will be three years sober.
I continue to write about it and be repetitive so here is a blog post from last year when I wrote about it. I want to thank all my friends and family for the continued support and understanding of what I have made a part of me.

This last weekend was a weekend Atticus went to his moms. I do not remember what we did the rest of last week after we had story time with Paige, Tatum, Lily and Kelly. I do remember buying a bunch of diapers. This week I had to put in some extra hours at work so Atticus had to stay back and hang with grandma and grandpa, which was no fun after not seeing him for three days. One of my friends did decide that Atticus is such a cute little boy that she wanted to make him some yummy cupcakes, which we both nommed down. Yes! Today we went and dropped off clothes at Other Mothers to sell, shopped there, and dropped off vintage Coca-Cola stuff to the Main Auction downtown too. We then went for a workout and play date with our friends at his friend Nobles house. Unfortunately the workout took too long and we were not able to go meet up with Caitlin and her two boys. The sad news we received today was that Aubreys(Atticus' mom) grandmother had stroke last night. I am not clear on the details but it is a sad time. She is very much like a mother to Aubrey. I became very close to her too back when we lived out in Caldwell near her as her and I shared baby sitting of Atticus while Aubrey worked, did school, and debate. I then found myself confiding in her though the tough times as my marriage was ending as I was seeing her almost daily back then. My heart and best of wishes go out to Grandma Roberts.

Not sure what Atticus and I have planned this weekend, depends on the weather, and again, unfortunately, I have to work. But yeah, three years sober! Big plans over the next few weeks, excited for other things this weekend too.

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