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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Tuesday morning I went and picked Atticus up from his weekend at his moms house. We went to Starbucks for coffee and juice. He napped and I decided to go jogging in my new Nike Free Runs, and made it 3.51 miles in 31 minutes. I was proud of myself, I am not a big fan of jogging. Atticus woke up from nap farting a lot, and ended up pooping on the toilet 3 times Tuesday! He did have diarrhea, which I think made it easier, but I was still proud of him(people keep asking and I am planning on waiting till this summer to really start focusing on potty training him, but I will post about that later). We played outback the rest of the day throwing the balls around until I had math.

Wednesday morning Atticus and we made white chocolate dipped Red Vines, for our play date/dinner with Caitlin and her two boys Parker and Peyton. She also watches her sisters boy Tyler and another little girl Olivia. It took Atticus a bit to warm up, but eventually the whole group of kids was either inside making a mess, or outside arguing over the swings. Caitlin and I finally got a chance to hangout, and I was nice enough to help her make dinner. Tyler left, Olivia left, and Atticus and I had dinner over there. It was sure yummy, such a delicious salad too! We all cuddled and watched a movie. I've been exhausted all week, I feel asleep with cell phone in hand and still wearing my jeans.

Today Atticus and I are going to run some errands, maybe story time. Work is slow this weekend so I will be able to be home more and hang out with him, maybe take him to see his friend Noble who he hasn't seen for a bit, and they use to see each other so much.

I made my friend Peanut a 'P' necklace to wear. Since he is a rap star, I made it for his birthday. I will post a picture of him showing it off, and a picture of Atticus and his new cousin Rhyannon, he is showing her why Tummy Time is important.

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