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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Thursday Atticus and I were bored and ran a bunch of errands, we ended up at the mall. I got a text 'Nice college hat.' My cousin and her two boys and my aunt were there! Atticus got to run around the play area with his cousins, and then his aunt bought all the boys ice cream. On the drive home I told Atticus to hold his ice cream very tightly. I made a turn and heard him go; "Owp, owp!" only to look back and see his empty hands digging down the side of the car seat, SMH.

Friday I got the day off, so grandpa wanted to do something with us. First we fixed my car, then we planned on the zoo, but the weather changed that. We ended up going to the Human Society. Atticus was a bit unsure of that, and got a bit scared of all the barking dogs. We then went and got candy at Powells candy store.

Today, I went into work for just a bit then I planned on treating Caitlin and the boys to Monkey Business, but they were closed! We ended up all Discovery Center and had a great time till they closed, then went for ice cream and play time. I then went and had a fun night with all my close friends, lots of good jokes.

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