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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Atti boy went to his moms for an over night, I went to work for a few hours. I went and picked him up this morning and we picked up some last minute groceries that I forgot to get on our big shopping trip Monday morning. I ended up buying a bag of Easter candy and eating the entire thing. Oh my, I have been failing myself in my diet and exercise the past few days. Sunday we all tried the new work out called Insanity and it was tougher than we had expected. My group of workout buddies and I went into it cocky and it kicked our butts, like really, because my butt was sore the next day, really sore. I think I have been fighting a head or sinus cold or something, and have not had the body motivation to eat properly nor workout. Poor little Atticus has been having a dry blunt cough now for a few days, but when I called his doc on Monday they told me to just wait it out, and to give him honey for his throat, which he thinks is just great! Sunday evening Atticus stayed back with Grandma and Grandpa and aunt NeNe so that I could go watch a movie and have dinner with a group of friends for a friends birthday. We saw Paul, which was alright, pretty funny, not my type of humor though but I still enjoyed it. Today after we both crashed out for a long nap, Atticus, Matt and I went and chilled with our friend Peanut at Starbucks listening to music and drinking coffee/juice. Atticus was so happy to be a able to wear head phones and hit in with us too boys, he was so well behaved. Afterwords we headed to his friend Nobles house for workout/play date. He has not been seeing Noble much lately, but he got to today!

Tomorrow I forget what we have planned, but Thursday we are going to my cousins house for a play date with her and her boy. Her son Caleb has been wanting Atticus to come over for sometime now to play on his new Wii that he got for his birthday.

Friday Caitlin and I are both going to be able to get away, and go on a date just us two with out our children, I am excited. Atticus is off to his moms for the weekend. Then my friends and I are off to a friends cabin in Baker, Oregon the following day for a few nights. I am excited to get away and relax, eat and just relax with good people.

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