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Monday, April 4, 2011

Baker Weekend.

Friday I kissed Atti goodbye and told him to be good for Grandpa as I was off to work. Easy day at work, lots of 'meetings'. He was then off to his moms for the weekend. I went and picked up Caitlin for our date. We headed to downtown Eagle to a nice little restaurant called Davinci's. Then after dinner we walked across to Rembrandts Coffee house, which is an a old church. It is now this huge coffee house, lots of artwork and they were having open mic that night. We got to cuddle on the cushioned pews and listen to some great local people performing and have some dessert. Was such a great night, the weather was so nice, and being in downtown Eagle made it feel like we were out of town.
Saturday I worked, and right after work Ammo and I headed up to Baker City, Oregon to meet the rest of the guys + Lubi at our friends Matts 'cabin' up there. They had all gone up the previous night. We got there, got cursed at by some locals because of Ammos large sticker in his back window, at which point I appropriately titled his car the 'Beat Down Mobile'. We went shopping, went and ate. Then we all went back to the house for some good jokes, stories and I got to partake in the most epic random twenty minute Moment in Rhyme with Owen shaking the house making live beats on Peanuts iPod. The next morning we had breakfast at a place with a toy train that continually circled then entire restaurant! As Peanut pointed out, when working there TRAINing is probably really never over. Ha!
Been selling some clothes on eBay and making money, work today. Get Atti in the morning, class in the evening. Wednesday Atti and I have dinner date with Caitlin and her boys. Not sure what our plans are this week other than that, hopefully feeling better.

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