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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Be Happy!

I went and picked up Toady boy Tuesday morning and we somehow stayed busy all day. I left him with Grandma and Grandpa and headed to math. Our teacher was not there AKA extended spring break! I went and met up with my friend Francis that I had not seen for awhile and we hung out for a while and caught up. Wednesday morning Atticus and I once again failed at making a dessert. Caitlin invited us over for dinner so we decided to bring a dessert. She eats healthy, and I try to, so I figured I would make a 'healthy' dessert. Atticus and I mixed almond milk into pudding mix. Hours later it was still not thickening. I had to drive around with little containers of splashing 'pudding' on my car floor boards.

Atticus enjoys his time playing with Parker and Peyton, he has been asking about them randomly, and they are such good little boys. He enjoyed his time over there, and we both enjoyed our chicken noodle soup. :)

Today my wood case for my iPhone came, and they refunded me for it!? Yay. I sold some clothes on eBay and made money, sold them for more than I bought them for. Things are going good, Atticus is good. I am so grateful for every thing and everyone I have in my life right now. Work has been slow so I have been able to spend more time with Atticus and my friends, my workout regiment that I have been doing for a few months seems to be working, because I feel good, and, not to sound conceded, like the way I look.

Also new, I have been thinking about buying a new car for Atticus and I. The past few days I have actually been taking action towards this. What we drive now is not safe, and not big enough for us. And it is just not us. I figure that living here with my parents and having very few bills is the best time to focus on buying a car for our future. I am looking for a mid sized 4 door sedan, or a smaller SUV. We have been looking around, and have a few ideas. I have it stuck in my head that I want a Nissan Maxima. Atticus and I went and looked at one today, (omg i want) and hopefully tomorrow morning we are taking it on a test drive and stroll to the mechanics, to see if it is a good buy. I am not getting my hopes up, but we will see what happens.

My friend Matt of the Dedicated Servers made a song for my friend Ammobox about a girl at our work. Ammo is good friends with this girl and asked Matt to make her a song explaining their friendship. It turned out really good, I will post it below.

I have to work this weekend, Atticus will stay back with Grandma and Grandpa. We might go meet up with Caitlin and her boys if work is slow. Otherwise Saturday night some people from work are having a game night, and Ammo and I are going and bringing some of our friends, should be fun.


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