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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ready for Sleep.

Atticus has recently been into having me read to him before nap and before bed. He is very persistent about this, and I just love it. I love relaxing, spending the 10 mins laying there next to him, both of us calm, taking in pictures and words, sharing a moment focused together, quite, and just us together.

He stayed home with Grandpa today, playing outside and helping do yard work while I worked all day. I came home to come eat with him outside and enjoy the warm weather. Decent weather. With the decent weather I have been getting him out on his power wheels motorcycle outside too, trying to teach him how to drive the past few days.

Last night some friends from work had a game night, and some of my other friends came over. It ended up being a really fun night, one friend had a bit too much to drink maybe, and he was just cracking me up. Fun times though haha. Bunch of delicious treats too for Matt and Peanuts birthdays! Atticus and I also got some good playing done yesterday outside after I got off work. Swinging and racing down his slides, and some smashing old furniture with bat. Also yesterday at work Caitlin came and surprised me with home baked muffins and banana bread! So delicious, yuhmmm. I had to share with everyone at work. I gotta remember to shoot a text her way saying thanks! ;)

Tomorrow Atticus and I are off to test drive cars, car seat and all. Keep in mind I need to buy a car that is ready and prepared for both us. I think he shall enjoy. He then goes to his moms for an overnight and Tuesday morning he has his two and a half year check up.

Finished a really good book at work today, Mis Con Cep Tion by Ryan Boudinot. Man, I wish he had more than just two books.

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