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Sunday, April 17, 2011


I found a car. I will post more about it later and maybe a picture. I go to get it in the morning.

Today I got off work early to take Atticus to Chuck E. Cheese for his best friend Nobles third birthday.

Basically all week we have been car shopping, test driving and searching the internet. So glad all that is over. Friday after work I went to a friends surprise birthday party for awhile, and yesterday went and chilled with Cody to congratulate him on doing Robie Creek in under 2 hours, we watched a documentary about steroids.

This week Atticus and I are going to focus on selling my old car on Craigslist, and learn all the in and outs of my new one. Probably go spend time with Caitlin and her boys. And I need to get back into working out and training.

He out grew his Wu-Tang t-shirt and we are sending it to his little friend Lily who moved to Seattle.

With my phone, having the camera app Hipstermatic on it, and having Photoshop on it, I have been making myself seem like an artist, 'I take photos.' The other day Atticus requested mushrooms and a pickle for breakfast.

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