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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finally I think tomorrow I have someone coming to buy my old car, it will be so nice to be done dealing with it, done meeting people to show it only to get stood up by them, done having random numbers call all the time and such. Going to use the money to do some much needed things. Atticus and I's day just opened up today because of it!

Monday we had a laid back day, lots of playing out side lately. He went to his moms for an over night. Tuesday, same thing, we played outside a bit. I went and put in some extra hours Tuesday then went out to eat with my friend Ammo and two girls from work. We then went bowling. It was a blast. I enjoy hanging out with work friends outside of work. Yesterday Atticus and I made Peepsushi to take to Caitlins as she was making tacos which were delicious! Peeps are on sale now after Easter so I figured it was the perfect time to do it. Peepsushi is basically just Peeps, Rice Krispies Treats and Fruit Roll-Ups. My friend Maxine sent me the link online how to make it, but really I just looked at the pictures. The weather was so nice that day, our kiddos had fun playing out side, arguing over whose turn it was to use the swing. I decided to get Caitlin a gift as thanks for something she had gotten me earlier, she mentioned she likes diamonds and horses, so Atticus and I lived up to her request and brought her my gift that we made. Atticus goes over to his moms tomorrow evening for the weekend while I work and have a bit of other plans.

Been loving the new car!

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