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Sunday, May 1, 2011


I have been meaning to write about how thankful I am for everyone and everything.

I have wonderful friends. People I know I can always come to, people who I know who are always going to be there. People who make me laugh and people who know me entirely too well.

Beautiful girls with nice smiles.

I have a wonderful family who is so supportive and always there for me. For Atticus and I. I would be no where without them, and would not have no where near any of the opportunities I have without them, so glad they are so much apart of mine and Atticus' life. I have the most wonderful well behaved cutest little niece too.

I have a new car. It is safe, new, nice, fast, loud. I was driving home yesterday from work with the speakers loud and was thinking to myself, 'I can't believe I own something this big, something I always imagined driving around. Something I dreamed about driving when I was little.' Thank you.

I am so grateful above all else to be a dad who has his son full time. Maybe I get cocky about it and run my mouth about it, but I am a male in Idaho and he lives with me. I have my best little friend with me who every day completely amazes me. There are times when my eyes water up because I can't even to begin to fathom how the small choices I make, effect him. That is terrifying. He is love. I think it is so overwhelming because I want everything right in his life and want so much perfection for him and the stress of even just the thought of trying to provide that is scary to the point where I maybe am hesitant.

Thank god for getting back on my feet. Even though I only work part time, I am glad to be on top of things, building multiple saving accounts, for Atticus and I. Getting debt out of my name and fixing my financial background.

I applied to go to BSU. So tired of school and anything to do with it though that I have yet to go any father than that. Hope my CWI credits transfer well.

So glad I got back into working out this week. Tonight after work I put Atticus down to bed and went out for a jog and ended up going 5.4 miles in 53 minutes!

Went to my friend the Dedicated Servers show last night then we all went to our friend Sam and Codys after and some other people met us there. We roasted sausages. Good stories, good times. Good music earlier in the night.

Tomorrow night after work I think Caitlin and I are going to go play some pool. Place your bets!


  1. You're a great father, no doubts. It is worth saying that Atticus has a great mother, who rarely gets any mention. Don't give yourself too much credit. Words like "full-time single father" imply that he doesn't have an active, devoted and caring mother who shares in parenting responsibilities and spends at least two days each week with him. I follow your blog not because I care in the slightest about you but I do love Atticus and his mother and you ought to be selective in how you present yourself in your role in his life.

  2. This is true. But the blog is about me, and I was just writing about me, and how uncommon it is in Idaho for the father to have primary physical custody when the mother is still present, and its *two days every other week.