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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Monday night after I worked, I went and met Caitlin and we played some pool, went and ate, and hung out. Tuesday I went and picked Atticus up from his over night at his moms and we went and got some flowers and a card and surprised Grandma at work for her birthday. Atticus had a fun time meeting all of Grandmas students. I went and put in some extra hours at work, then I went and had dinner with two girls from work, they cooked me tacos! We hung out all night, had a blast hanging out, and best of all, I reaped the benefits of my long hair, and they braided it for me. Yesterday Atticus and I went to the park and played, he needed to run out the extra energy he had. After his nap we washed and scrubbed my car, and he enjoyed using the hose. Waxed it and vacuumed too. We then went to his best friend Nobles so he could play and I did some kenpo with Matt, and caught up. Today Atti and I have some errands to run, then go on a bike ride with no shirt, tomorrow I work a bit and he gets to spend time with Grandpa, then Saturday Atticus, me, Caitlin, Peyton and Parker are going to go see the Dedicated Servers perform at Spring Fling. I think.

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