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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Boy Sleeping.

There is a little boy sleeping in the next room.

and can you imagine the dreams his head holds!?

Can you imagine?

dreams, worlds, possibilities?

We may never know

and he may never understand.

and I may only assume.

But the world I take over

once his eyes close.

He will never know

and eventually he will understand

Once his eyes close both our worlds

open up and change.

That little boy sleeping.

He curls up packaged with a Sid or Elmo doll,

and OH the dolls I curl up with.

Two bed time stories to end it all.

though he tries talking me into more.

later I will be talking them out of less.

he wakes up early morning shouting for me,

reminds me of previous shouting

their yearning to breath.

Whatever I could dream for or desire,

I have right here

right now,

and our future burns like fire!

Why do I fail to see,

the times when I waste

without my little half next to me?

Those lies, 'do not trust anyone',

I know that I can wake up

and his truth speaks so loudly!

Why must I waste me time TRYING

to believe?

When I have the truth right in front of me?

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