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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday, May 12th

Today we went to the library to get daddies books that were on hold, he got to play for a bit, and we both colored for awhile and I taught him his letters. We then went and bought a basketball for this summer, something for me to do when we go to parks. After nap we are going to take my car in for a tune up, and I am super nervous. As they do a quick tune up over there at the dealership, Atticus and I are going to walk to the mall.

Yesterday we went on a bike ride, then played outside, I then went for a 8 mile bike ride as he slept. After nap we ate, washed my car, then headed to his friend Nobles so he could play and I could workout.

They are doing road construction on every road of our neighborhood it seems, so Atticus and I have been enjoying watching that. He loves to see the bulldozers and back hoes.

Last night I attempted to run a 10k that I mapped out, but I made it about 4 miles and my IT band, a tendon in your leg connected to the knee, started killing me. I had to stop running, I tried stretching, then tried walking and it was so painful, I called someone for a ride home. It feel okay today though.

Atticus spent Tuesday at his moms because she was not able to have him Mothers Day because she was out of town. I went and put in some extra hours at work. I worked all day Monday as well. Then met up with Caitlin to give her a Mothers day gift and card.

Sunday we stayed all home most all day and helped Grandpa cook dinner from Grandma. And Saturday my friend Lindsay and I took Atticus to the Spring Fling to see our friends the Dedicated Servers perform.

My friend Josh also came and gave me a really nice bike rack, as my old bike rack scratched up my old car, so I did not want to use it anymore, especially not on my new car. So nice of him and his wife Amber to do that for me. I also got a new key made for my car, which cost an arm and a leg. The people at the Audi dealership are super nice, and seems like all the women that work there are models.

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