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Friday, May 13, 2011

At the Mall.

Got my car serviced for less than they quoted me. Also, got my second diagnostics test done on it, this time by the dealership, and everything checks out. So that was all good news that I had kind of been stressing. Atticus and I walked to the mall while they serviced my car....

In the childrens play area inside the mall Atticus felt the need to perform for a family of what appeared to be a father, mother, son and grandma. Atticus decided he would dance for them. He started conversation with all three of them, resulting in an in-depth discussion about his scheduling for brushing his teeth, and whether he brushes side to side or up and down, clarifying with the lady that he indeed did brush up and down. Which, for one, its untrue because, a.)I brush his teeth, he doesn't and b.)I have no pattern in brushing them, just jump around from tooth to tooth, counting. He continued to show this lady how push-ups are done, though he had it all wrong. He had his butt in the air, top of his head touching the ground, and waved one leg in the air. Close enough. As I watched his interactions with these people, me having to decided if they felt awkward or not, curious if Atticus was distracting them from their own son who I guessed to be just a few months younger, Atticus came up to me. I was the person he arrived with. I was the guy alone in the corner on his phone. I was the guy in possession of this performing kids shoes. As the family watched him walk up to me, Atticus loudly asked me; "What's your name?"

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