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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We have had a busy few days. Today we randomly went to ZooBoise, after a long shopping trip. It was a long morning before he made it to nap. After nap we ran some errands for Grandma, and then we cooked a good dinner, and then we made him a robot helmet! The zoo was fun, though he was a bit tired by the time we made it there. He loved the monkeys, so curious about this one that sat there and ate a peanut, slamming it against the tree to open it. It always blows me away to see how big the tigers really are. And the giraffes, they look so strange. I caught myself just watching them, staring. He eventually was bored of everything and ready for sleep.

Yesterday I picked him up from his Monday at his moms and he had gotten up earlier, so had to come home to go straight to bed. After nap we went to Monkey Bizness. Surprisingly they lowered their prices, and he is now on $3 to get in, until he turns 3. Whereas I was use to paying $7.50. What was also nice was it was really empty in there, so we got a chance to do stuff we probably shouldn't be doing, like I kept throwing him up over this wall. He thought that was fun, and much easier than crawling up the wall. We then ate and rode to the local elementary school and we both played basketball and he climbed on the jungle gym.

Sunday evening after I got off work him and I went and met up with a bunch of my friends for ice cream. He got all spun out and the sugar and kept everyone entertained, running up and down, around in circles.

We have been going to parks a lot lately, and playing basketball. I brought his kite the other day when it was especially windy one day and we got it going good, way up there! He kept begging to hold it, after hesitation I let him. He was doing good, then of course, dropped the end of it, and as the spool of string skipped across the field, I found myself chasing after it, twice diving for it, finally catching it, leaving grass stains on me. He then went off to play, leaving me alone to spend 15 minutes rolling it up alone, geez we had it up there really high.

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