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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend.

Friday I was off to work, though it was a short day because work has been slow the past few days, so I got the chance to spend a few extra hours with Atticus and workout before I headed into work. It was an easy day at work, came home and went to bed to get up for work early Saturday. Saturday I got off early, went to a co-workers BBQ, then went to Sam and Codys for a bit, then crashed out for work on Sunday.

I was bummed because I was not going to see Atticus from Friday mid-day up until Tuesday evening, which I think would had been the longest I had been away from him. I was stoked when I ended up having him back early Sunday, and I was off work early too. We played, practiced his toilet use, which he is getting better at day to day, and we read some books that aunt Courtney had found in a down stairs closet. After he wound down and went to bed I went over to a friends house for awhile.

This morning I kissed him goodbye in the morning and left him with Grandpa, as I was going up to the Bruneau Dunes with some friends, and his mom was coming to pick him up to spend the night with her. I had a blast up at the dunes, I had never gone and it was good times. It was a fun drive up there, and I got to test the performance of my car, I took some cool pictures of my friends, we got our exercise for the day, filled our shoes and pockets with sand, had lunch. It was fun. After we got home we then worked out, went out to dinner, and we roasted smores in Sam and Codys backyard, and hung out by the fire all night, telling stores and reminiscing. Best Memorial Day ever, spending time with good friends and good people. Tomorrow we are going to continue the party, bike ride, coffee, more workout. Us three musketeers reeking of camp fire.

I go get Atticus tomorrow evening then we have the rest of the week ahead of us, I don't work again until Friday, not sure what we will do.

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