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Monday, June 6, 2011

Last week.

Monday night I ended up crashing at a friends house. I had no work, Atticus was still at his mom's. Then we woke up, went to coffee, ran errands, we all went on a friends walk. It was a pretty epic extended weekend, good jokes, good times, fun memories. Later that Tuesday evening I went and picked up Atticus, we headed home and relaxed from my craziness of the past few days.

Wednesday morning we went to a new play ground, new to us at least, over by the Morris Hill cemetery. The play ground was aimed more at older kids, but we still had fun. The most excitement was when a train drove by, and we were able to run up about ten feet away from it. I ordered some more prints of all the pictures I take of Atticus to keep up on the vintage photo albums that I am maintaining for him. After nap time we pulled my car into the back yard, washed it, vacuumed it, waxed it thick!, and windexed the windows. After that we went to his friend Nobles so he could play and I could workout.

Thursday we went to Monkey Bizness and played, that was later in the day after the boredom had gotten to us.

Friday I had to work, he stayed back with Grandpa. Saturday I had to work and he again stayed back with Grandma and Grandpa. After I got off work Saturday it was so nice out, Atticus and I went to the M.K. Nature Center and went on the nature walk and we saw the fish, we then went and played. Atticus enjoyed seeing the fish, but I think it took him a while to look past his reflection and actually see the fish through the looking glass. After he went to bed I went and picked up a good friend that I had not seen since high school, and we went and met up with some other people for another friends birthday, and it ended up being a pretty good night.

I worked again today, while he stayed and played outside with Grandma and Grandpa. When I got home we kept playing, then he showed off all the cool things he knows to the neighbor. I read him a bunch of stories and he crashed out. He is getting really good at potty training as well. Slowly, and he still forgets sometimes, but bribing him with candy and treats, we are making great strides and I am proud of him and excited.

Tomorrow we are running some errands, then he goes to his moms for the night and I am working all day.

My friend Lubi made a video, all on her Nintendo DS, for her fiances hip hop group, the Dedicated Servers. I thought it came out really cool. I will share it below. Also, my friend Owen sent me some old photos of me we use to take back in the day. Looking at them brought back some memories, viewing them all while laughing and shaking my head.

OH! I also went for a 5.4 run tonight. Did it at right at an hour. Thought I would do better, but o'well.

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