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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Tuesday Atticus and I went to Nickolas Burgdorf's house to pick up the Kanye West painting that he did for me. Nicholas does a lot of paintings and sells them locally under Pickle Art. The painting came out so much like what I wanted. I love it, love the shading, love the thick black lines. He did a really great job. After we picked up my painting Atticus and I went grocery shopping, we then went home for his nap. We then went to a new park, down on Northview almost all the way down to Curtis. It was packed there, there was some kind of function going on. Atticus got into an argument with a little boy a little younger than him. They were both grunting and yelling at each other. The little boy came up and hit Atticus. I saw it all and walked up to Atticus and he told me, 'that boy hit me.' My heart broke at his frustration and confusion, but I was glad he did the correct thing. We then went to Nobles house to workout/play. After he went to bed my friend Peanut and I went to see our friend Spastik perform, and man did I have fun. Peanut and I both danced our asses off, for a good few hours. Really enjoyed the music he played, I needed that night.

Wednesday morning Atticus got up and we started the day working out with Peanut, then went home for nap. After nap Atticus and I loaded up my bike and his bike trailer and we headed down to Peanut and Jared's apartment to meet up. Nut, joined us for ride bike along the Green Belt. Such a beautiful ride, wonderful weather. We went to Java and Atticus had a healthy muffin, juice, us men enjoyed our coffees, and I am sure we looked like a gay couple with our little son, when we walked in both of us holding Atticus' hands. We then went to Thomas Hammer to see our friend Nico's art, and Atti got to partake in his own art there in the coloring book section! We then headed back along the Green Belt to head to our next destination. We randomly rode by this really cool house and noticed our friend Eric of Owlright standing out front. Atticus got to meet his dog Moose, who gives high-fives! Anyways, we were headed to a new coffee shop/art house off State and Collister called Salt Tears. Such a cool place. We went there because one of Peanuts musically talented friends was performing there, Leta. Us three boys stuck out like a sore thumb there, colorful clothes and backwards hats, among all the old rich white people who were sitting around drinking wine. Within a few minutes Atticus had them wrapped around his finger though, and had Leta conversing with him in between her songs. There was some amazing art, some expensive art, and some really cool stuff there. I wish I had more money, and a place to decorate. Once back to Peanuts house Atticus really enjoyed himself getting to play video games with Jarad.

Today Atticus and I ran some errands, went shopping, got him some new shorts at Other Mothers, I love that place. I want to find him some more fresh kicks, he is out-growing some of the ones he has now. I had to go to work later in the day, and decided to ride my bike, which was nice. Atticus stayed back with his Grandma and Aunt Courtney. Tomorrow I work all day, and again he is staying home with Grandma and Grandpa. He then goes to his moms house, as this is one of her weekends with him. I have my first Saturday off in awhile and am riding my bike down to the Body Building expo downtown, going to watch the end of Iron Man, and check out the Saturday market with my friends. I am excited.

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