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Monday, June 13, 2011


Friday night, after work, I went and dropped Atticus off at his moms for the weekend, then went to my friend Sam and Codys house for a BBQ. All our friends came over, with their dogs, and the dogs ran around crazy, we roasted sausages, and some delicious Peeps smores.

Saturday early morning I met Cody back at his house, we rode our bikes downtown and met Owen. We were going to go to the Body Building Expo, run trails, check out the Saturday Market, and watch Iron Man finish. Once we saw the line to the Expo, we passed on that. I was excited to run trails with the guys, they do it all the time, Cody loves it so much that he comes back from a Running Trails High, and I have been building up my running game. I felt finally worthy. The trails kicked my butt though. Up and down hilsl while running is tough. Muscular, endurance, an entire workout on the body. Even though we didn't get everything in that day we wanted to, it was a good weekend day off. I now have Saturdays off, first time since December.

Jordan had invited me to come to some wedding party, said I had to dress up. It sounded like fun, something new to do so I decided to join him. He said it was some girl that he knew from work, about a week of working with her, and that it was atop the C.W. Moore building. I showed up at his house looking like a 70's pimp in a brown suit, and he looked straight out of the movie Reservoir Dogs. Once we got to the thing, I had learned we were walking in on a family wedding that had just barely gotten over. Everyone was in a line to shake the new couples hands. We stuck out like a sore thumb. Things started off slow and him and I sat around, totally out of place. We sat around eating, him drinking, while we kept getting our pictures taken by the wedding photographer, probably because we FRESH! Into the night, everyone started getting drunk and the dancing started. Jordan and I started meeting people, dancing, I learned to these people from Emmett that I was like Michael Jackson on the dance floor. Jordan and I suddenly became what seemed like the center of attention. We met some pretty girls, some cool people, free food and drink, I felt like wedding crashers. When we first showed up I had wanted to ditch, but before I knew it, we had danced the night away and I had not even looked at the time. Good night.

Yesterday after work, I decided to reward myself with an early birthday/Fathers Day present. I bought a new bike! I bought it online and now am playing the waiting game for it to get here. My parents did help and chipped in. It is a Schwinn Varsity road bike, 21 speed. I figure now that I am into exercise and such, I needed a bike that would go hand and hand with that. Cody and I have some summer plans to ride our bikes up Bogus Basin and such, and since my car gets terrible gas mileage, and since I drive SO much everywhere, I assume I will ride to work much more often now. I will keep my beach cruiser to use to pull Atticus around in his trailer and such, have this new road bike for speeding around.

I work all day today. Go pick up Atticus tomorrow morning. I know Wednesday Atticus and I are going with Peanut to go see our friend Oso Negro perform at Alive After Five, then Friday I am going to go see my friend Chelsea and Haileys play with Peanut, Saturday morning Atticus and I are joining Noble and his parents at Monkey Bizness, then Saturday during the day I think we are going to go play with Caitlin and her boys.

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