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Friday, June 17, 2011

We have stayed fairly busy this week.

Tuesday morning we went and got four new tires for my car. I felt bad he had to sit around doing that all morning so after nap we went up into the foothills to explore. He enjoyed throwing rocks into the creek, and he loved seeing all the little lizards that ran around. He did get terrified at the fact that we saw a snake, and the rest of our time out there he was hesitant of walking around himself without being carried.

Wednesday after nap we loaded up the bikes in Grandpas truck and headed to our friend Peanuts apartment and then three of us road the Green Belt down to Java, then we went to a pizza place with Owen and Spastik. Matt showed up there and we all went and saw our friend Oso Negro perform. Atticus loved dancing in the fountain down there, and if I would have remembered they ran the fountain for kids I would have dressed him differently. Peanut toted Atticus around on his back flirting with girls, a few of our other friends showed up, then Peanut, Spastik, Atticus and I went to U-Swirl and got some of the most delicious frozen yogurt. Luckily for Atticus I had a dry change of clothes for him in his bike trailer, because it was slowly getting cold into the late evening, and we still had a bike ride ahead of us. Once we made it back to Peanut and Jarads apartment, Atticus got to do what he had been looking forward to most all day, playing video games with Jarad. He played into the late hours of the night, and we didn't make it home till late.

Thursday morning Atticus and I worked on my new bike that had come in the mail the previous day. My new all white tires had come for it, so we hung out in the garage tightening the breaks, changing tires, and adjusting everything. I was so excited to ride to work yesterday on it. I love it. It is a really smooth ride, you can book it on it, and I feel I get a good endurance workout. It is going to save on gas for me. After work, after Atticus and I ate, read his multiple stories, I headed down to go see friend Arthur Maddox perform at the Reef.

Today Atticus and I might go help Peanut fix his tire, I gotta work for a little a bit later today, then after work Peanut and I are going to go see our friend Chelsea and Haileys play.

Tomorrow I have Saturday off and Atticus and I have plans to play!

He has been doing really good with his potty training, even to the point where we ventured out with him in just big boy underwear and everything went okay.

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