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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I have lost track of the days..

We really enjoyed the play Flemming. It is enjoyable to me to see plays, so realistic and almost surreal to have people so close to you, acting. It it like the most expensive, more realistic, most HD television ever. It was a funny show.

Saturday Atticus and I kept it low key, and did not do much, I was just glad to have the day off. Saturday night we all went to a friends birthday party. He requested that everyone dress up. We all dressed up, met new people, and the DJ for the night, one of our friends, put on a Dedicated Servers instrumental and Peanut and Matt threw down an impromptu show at this party, rapping into headphones(which I learned turn into microphones if plugged into the mic jack). It was such an epic thing to be a part of.

I had to work Fathers Day, but came home to spend it with Atticus. I was kind of bummed in the morning about the fact that I had not requested the day off, but was glad to just get home.

Monday after we ran some errands, Atticus went to his moms for the night, I worked for a bit, then met up with Matt to talk about some big plans for the future. I am pretty excited for the future about something new I will be doing, but I will wait to say it.

I picked Atticus up this morning, then after he took his nap we headed to the Discovery Center, then we drove out to Settlers park to play and have a small picnic. Then headed home and we fried up some steaks, and he watered Grandmas plants.

Tomorrow I would like to do some shopping, maybe all on our bikes. Otherwise Atticus and I do not have any real big plans this week.

I personally am excited for this weekend. He is going to his mothers house, and I am going with a large group of friends to do some real rough neck camping for three days two nights. Pretty excited for that.

Here are some pictures from the past few days.

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