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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Wednesday Atticus and I went to the Discovery Center, then we went for sno-cones, then we went downtown with Peanut for Alive After Five and met up with our friend Alina and her co-worker. Atticus was not interested in getting in the fountain down there but he was so curious about the giant dressed up Power Ball person. Atticus must have given that ball 5 high fives and 'fists', all at separate times through out the evening. Then Uncle Peanut bought us Aspen Leaf yogurt, then after that Atticus got to do his favorite thing in the world which is play video games with Jarad!

Thursday morning I had a court date(don't worry, I didn't get myself into trouble) while Atticus stayed back and went shopping with Grandma. Once I finally got home I had to change, hop on my bike, and head to work. After work, Atticus, Grandma, Aunt Courtney, Rhyannon and I mad Grandmas mothers day gift. It was a stone garden decoration that the two wee ones got to put their hands and feet into.

Friday Atticus went to his mom early for the weekend as I was headed out of town with my friends to go rough it outdoors till Sunday! We headed out of town around 2pm with our caravan of people, Ammo and I in my dads truck. We headed to a spot about 22 miles out past Idaho City close to an area called Rabbit Creek. Cody and some of the others had previously camped there a few years back and enjoyed it. We found a sweet secluded spot real close to the river, with shade, enough space four our whole crew, hidden from the road, it had everything. It ended up being Bryan, Cody, Sam, Peanut, Matt, Lubi, Jarad, Owen, Becka, Tom, Abbie and me plus the two dogs Hank and Stella. Cody cooked us all up delicious meals the entire time we were there for each meal. We all went and explored, packed in fire wood, raced around with our shirts off, almost lost Owen too. It was such a nice time, fun jokes, good people, a warm fire, good food, perfect weather. It did get pretty damn cold at night, but during the day as soon as the sun came over the hills, it got warm quick. By Sunday morning none of us really wanted to leave but at the same time, we were beat and ready to be home, showered and relaxing in our homes. I really enjoyed my time up there, and I am so glad that I have a close group of friends that I truly enjoy. It had been awhile since I camped, and this weekend treated me well.

Tomorrow, maybe workout, maybe work, not sure. Tuesday morning I go get Atticus and we have the week ahead of us!

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  1. That's a fun picture of Peanut jumping on the log, because it looks like he's also standing on the stump in the back ground :) Sad I missed out on such a fun trip. Hope you all had fun.