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Monday, July 4, 2011


Atticus and I have had a busy past week and weekend. We went to Roaring Springs Tuesday for what seemed like the entire day. It was really hot, really packed, but we had fun, we both got wet, and neither of us got burnt. Wednesday we went swimming at my friend Colleen and Beth's pool, went to the park, had cake, and then Mcdonalds. It was a busy day for Atticus and once home he crashed out. Thursday his mom asked to have him for a bit during the day, so I took him over there, then I went and met with some friends to work on stuff. I then went back and picked up Atticus, and we meet some friends at China Grand Buffet to eat! Friday I was back to work after more than a week off. Atticus stayed back with Grandma and Grandpa. Saturday I woke up feeling miserable, but Atticus and I chugged on and helped grandpa do some yard work. Then after we both took naps, he got a spontaneous hair cut for the summer. Sunday I worked again and after I got home and picked Atticus up we headed to our friends 3rd of July BBQ. Today he went to his moms for the night, I am at Starbucks doing some work, then tonight might go to a friends BBQ or...

My parents leave this week for LA to visit family for a little over two weeks. They are my baby sitters when I work, so while they are gone Atticus is going to be spending some extra time at his moms instead of me finding sitters. It will be nice for both him and her to spend some extra time together. It will be a chance for me to work some extra hours, relax, and hang out with friends. I will miss him tremendously, but it is only for a bit, and I will still make time to see him. If I keep busy I think I will be okay. We do have tentative plans to go camping with Noble and Cody in the middle of it anyways, so that will help.

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