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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quick post.

It has been awhile since I have posted. It was been a long and different few days with my parents gone, Atticus gone at his moms, and me working more. So I will get everything out of order.

Ummm, had a fun forth of July with friends. BBQ some food lit off some fireworks, ate good. Went home.

Hung out and watched a funny movie with my friend from work with her family, had her over to show her where the person who has been living in our front yard stays.

Drew Atticus some cool new shoez dood. Cheap shoes from Walmart that I made cool.

Went on two 25 mile bike rides. One out in Star later in the evening, one days later from my house down to the greenbelt and back, in which I stupidly got sunburnt during. So nice, so enjoyable. Especially going along country roads in Star, I just love this new bike.

Cooked some good food.

Hung out with a good friend that moved away and suddenly was back. He surprised us!

My good friend Caitlin got me a belated birthday gift and I am going to go meet up with her here in a bit! Yay. Work tomorrow, spend two day with Atticus, then work, take him camping, then things go back to normal.

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