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Monday, July 11, 2011


Yesterday I went out to a surprise birthday picnic with my friend Caitlin. She was out of town for my birthday. She got me the most awesome t-shirt, lol. 'Do I Look Friendy?' We went and walked along the river in Barber park, sat and ate cupcakes, then I repeatedly hurt myself on the play ground over there. It was a really fun time. Worked all day today, tonight going to go do some DS stuff then bed. I go get the boy in the morning, and am not sure what we are doing with our two days together before I get back on the grind. I have this weekend off, Atticus and I are not going camping, so we will probably go to some shows around town, ride out bikes, and enjoy the weather. We go pick up Grandma and Grandpa Sunday, and who knows what they have for him, and how excited they will be to see him..

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