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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yesterday Atticus and I helped Grandpa fix the sprinklers, then tried getting the sockets that SOMEONE stuffed down the handle bars of my cruiser. Then we washed Grandmas car. He then went to his moms for the night as I worked, then I went to a friends. Today I went and picked him up, and then we went grocery shopping, went to Monkey Bizness, and came home and I cooked some good dinner while he watered the lawn. I downloaded a bunch of new games/learning things on my phone for him, and he is slowly becoming an expert. He has been using the potty 247 now with little to no accidents, so nice. Tomorrow Atti and I are riding our bikes to Starbucks to drop something off with Peanut, then heading to the Library. After nap we are going to head to his friend Nobles. Not sure what our plans are on Thursday. I do have to work a bit later in the evening, but maybe sno-cones earlier in the day?

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