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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Busy Busy

Atticus and I have stayed pretty busy the past week and weekends and such. We went to my friend Matt's dads 60th birthday party at his residence, all of us required to wear hats. I got a picture of Atticus and I's outfits.

I have been helping Peanut and Jared move into their new apartment, which he is now finally moved into. Peanut gave me a big white board that I surprised Atticus with as a gift to draw on! He loves it.

My friend Jamie contacted me about the possibility of Atticus being in a child's fashion blog/website/webzine. I sent her his 'portfolio'.

I have been on the look for a new job, a new part-time job as my hours get cut here and there and I would like something more steady.

Caitlin and I went and saw my friend Pat from Florida perform some dubstep and we danced our faces off all night, then went and ate and hung out. Good dancing, and I don't remember Pat being 7 feet tall.

Aunt Courtney brought Atticus home an 8ft long strip of large bubble wrap that he enjoyed running along. I made a video of my niece Rhyannon jumping in her jumper.

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