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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Atticus' Third Birthday.

Big thanks to everyone that came to Atticus' third birthday! I was not sure what to expect with it being a game day and an unseasonably hot September Saturday, but lots of friends and family showed up! The bounce house went over great, Atticus should sleep for days tonight after jumping hours away in that thing. So glad a good amount of his little friends and cousins made it to come play. Lots of little babies being passed around and shared at the party, like a baby consignment. Sorry to everyone that we didn't get around to having him open his gifts til late, he really enjoyed all his many toys he got, and clothes! Much thanks to everyone, and thanks to everyone just for the fact of coming to play and visit. I really didn't take too many pictures, which for me is a surprise, but I was just having too much fun visiting with everyone and watching the kids play. (You can click the picture above to see it enlarged.)

I gave him his tricycle earlier in the day and he had some success riding it, and really enjoyed it. We will have to get some good use out of it over the next few weeks before it starts getting too chilly to play outside.

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