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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We are just getting ready and prepared for his birthday party this weekend. We went and looked at cakes today, which is a hard decision because so many of my friends are on the Paleo diet and won't eat sweets, but on the other hand it seems like a lot of people are coming. It is always better to be prepared and have extras I guess. I got him a tricycle as my gift as he has been asking for a bike lately. And by lately I mean for months now. First I saw a really cool one at Walmart, but once I got it home and looked at it I realized that it was too small. I then frantically looked everywhere last minute to find something, and ended up finding something online that got shipped here in time. My dad and I put it together the other night, I hope this one isn't too small as well. Soon it will be too chilly to ride outside and by next summer he will be ready for an actually bike anyways.

I have been working a lot of extra hours lately, as it seems a lot of people at work are gone, so they keep offering overtime to us still there, and I take what I can make work with my schedule. Last week he stayed an extra day at his moms while I worked some extra hours, then went and had a Paleo dinner with some friends. I have been reading some great books at work to pass the time. I keep getting books from the library that I see on Chuck Palahnik's website that he recommends, because my Amazon recommendations have been failing me lately. I found an author that I love after reading one of his books, Erasure, his name being Percival Everett. I went and bought three of his other books online because I enjoyed that first one so much.

Went on another long bike ride last weekend, since I had the day off and Atticus was at his moms. The neighbor across the street who also rides a lot had told me about riding to Swan Falls. I looked it up online and it was just a few miles past Kuna, about 60-65 miles round trip from my house. I made a lunch, and headed out mid morning Saturday as the weather was expected to be nice and cool all day. I got on Linder and rode that through Kuna, and it eventually turns into Swan Falls Road and eventually you follow the Snake River, and once there, you ride almost straight down hill into the canyon for two miles to come up right along next to the river, down to the 'falls'. The falls being nothing more than a damn. I had a quick lunch, and headed back up that two miles of steep, steep road to get back out of the canyon. That was so miserable, then the rest of the way, I realized that on the ride out there the wind had been pushing me, and now, headed home, the wind was working against me in every way possible, and was quite cold too. It was no fun, but I powered through it. As always with me and my bike, coming through Kuna I got a flat tire. I replaced it with the one single tube I had, and noticed the front was flat too. I was out of luck at that point and crashed out in the shade and called my dad to come get me, I completed about 53 miles at that point.

Atticus got to meet Clifford the Big Red Dog the other day at the library. I had to sit back a ways away from him, and surprisingly, when Clifford came out, Atticus was not hesitant at all to go right up to him and shake his paw. Then later in the week when we stopped at the bike store, the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile was in the parking lot, with Mr. Peanut and an Oreo Cookie person dressed up, and Atticus was very weary of them, even with their arms outreached with candy and toys.

My dad and I finished the rock wall for Atticus. He got to help paint it, which he thought was just great, though he used the paint brush more like a spoon, and was scooping the paint, instead of just dabbing it in there. He also got to be a little lab rat while we tried to decided where to put the actually rock holds, my dad and me having him climb while we strategically watched his foot and hand patterns and placement.

We went to Monkey Bizness at some point last week, later going to his friend Nobles house while I worked out.

Should be a fun birthday party for him this Saturday though. My parents decided to rent a jump house for the occasion, and we have invited all his little friends, a lot of my friends, family, and kids from a round the neighborhood just to make sure this bounce house gets used.

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