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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Busy, past few days.

It has been a busy past few days for me and Atti. Last week Atticus and I went to our friend Colleen and Beth's to go swimming. We all got lunch first, then went swimming, then we walked through the M.K. Nature Center and saw the fish, and the 'dead' fish, and Atticus tried getting us kicked out by feeding the fish an acorn when no one was looking. After that we all went for dinner at Quik Wok, then next door to Honks for 88 cent Tuesdays for CANDY! Atticus danced the rest of the night away and fell asleep in the car before we hit the connector. It was such a fun busy day with friends. Wednesday we went to his friend Nobles house to play, and I worked out. Killed my arms for DAYS now. Then after, we went wedding gift shopping with Caitlin and Peyton, then play time.

The next few days I loaded up on hours to have some extra spending money, on top of that my friends Matt and Lubi got married. Thursday night we had Matt's bachelor party. We started out on our bikes at our friend Sam and Cody's house, about 8 of us headed to the liquor store, then down to Peanut and J-Rads new apartment for BBQ, music, video games, and all around partying. We did that for awhile, and when everyone was successfully drunk(except me), we hopped back on our bikes and headed for the Veterans Memorial pond. This was about 2am and we all jumped in and went swimming. Surprisingly the water was really warm. Perfect ending to a fun night.

Friday Atticus went to his moms for the weekend, and after work I went to a pre-wedding feast at Matts in-laws house, which was the most delicious largest amount of food that I had eaten in awhile. Saturday I put in a few extra hours at work, went to my cousins house warming party, then went and picked up Caitlin and headed to the wedding! The wedding was so much fun, and such an interesting thing to take part of. The whole thing was done is a traditional Laotian way as Lubi is Laotian. More great food, and great dancing, and getting to see all my friends in one place.

Sunday I worked again all day, then went to Sam and Cody's for a fire pit to say goodbye to everyone that was in town for the wedding, and say goodbye to Matt and Lubi who are off to Disney World for the next few days! Monday my dad and I ran a bunch of errands for my mom for the yard, we then, mid day, started on the project that we had planned to do, which was build a rock wall ladder for Atticus to use to climb up into his play fort. I will post pictures of it when it is finished, as we are still waiting for the rock wall holds to come in the mail. Atticus ended up coming home earlier than expected and helped my dad and I paint the wall, which he thought was just great. Monday night I went to bed super early, as I had plans to wake up at 5;30am to meet my friend Cody for breakfast, as we were going to ride up Bogus Basin road that morning. Bogus Basin road takes you to the local ski resort here in Boise, but the road up there is 3600 feet of elevation gain in 15.7 miles. So, pretty much you are riding uphill for 16 miles. It was such an awesome experience. I was a bit scared going into it, but in the end it was honestly not as bad as I was expecting. After a few miles the endorphins kicked in, and I started feeling a bit euphoric and talkative, and Cody and I stayed side by side, and talked. The talking helped me to not notice my hamstrings that felt on fire or my lungs that felt empty. In the end I made it the 16 miles 2 hours 5 minutes, and Cody did it in 1 hour 59 minutes. We then had a brief lunch up there, and headed back down. Oh my goodness it was scary. It was a lot of fun, but scary taking some of those turns so fast, on our bikes that honestly aren't meant for those speeds. Going the same length down hill only took us 38 minutes with a top speed of 36 miles an hour. Such an awesome thing to do and I can not wait to do it again next year and can not wait to do some more riding as the weather turns cooler here into the next months. Atticus and I then spent most of the day with his friend Noble, Sam and Cody.

Not sure what Atticus and I have planned for the rest of the week. We are probably going to Peanut sisters wedding this weekend though. I did set and plan Atticus' birthday party for later in the month, and I am pretty excited. There should be a lot of kids there, a lot of friends, and my parents are renting a jump house for the day for the kids to play in, which should be very exciting for them.

Also the Dedicated Servers released the video for their new song 'Paleo' and I took the picture for the cover for the single.

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